Six6s Affiliate – The best referral program

The Six6s affiliate program offers players from Bangladesh the opportunity to join the referral program. The primary helpful of the affiliate link provided by company is to bring new players to the site. Get started right now by signing up, promoting the company’s offerings, inviting additional referrals, and receiving rewards for each new member you bring in.

Opportunity to receive rewards from Six6s for referring friends to the platform

Referral program basics

Up to 3124, the offer is open to any and all Six6s users who have an active subscription. Before you are eligible to earn commissions for referring new players, both you and the person you are recommending have to sign up for the program and confirm your purposes by making a request to the affiliate support service. Only then can you start collecting payments.

A referral program is available to all Six6s users

Referring Affiliate

To join Six6s’ affiliate program in a suitable manner, you must take the this steps:

  • Send a request to Six6s’ support, making sure to provide both your username and the person you’re inviting;
  • Then, have your referral send a request to Six6s’s support with both his or her personal account and your affiliate identity attached;
  • One last thing. In order to correctly link the referral partner, please respond to the company’s email sent to [email protected].
Steps to join the Six6s Partner Program

Partner for Referral

For your referrals to correctly connect to the program and for you to receive a commission for inviting them, they must carefully follow the registration instructions and rules. The process of establishing an affiliate connection entails the following actions:

  • The first step is to register the referral on the dedicated referral link;
  • Second, get in touch with Six6s’ support, mentioning both your own and your inviter’s usernames.
  • Conclusion. Send a response to [email protected] if you received an invitation.
Overview of the instructions and rules for registering in the Six6s workforce program

Gaining a commission: how?

In order to properly link a referral to a partnership program, a player must meet certain conditions above and beyond the minimum requirements. In order for the referring affiliate to:

  • Choice one. During a typical calendar month, the affiliate has 25 active players. A participant is considered to be “active” if their monthly product sales total at least 3,000 BDT.
  • Option two. An partner must have a structure that includes at least 5 active players throughout the course of a calendar month. A partnership is considered active if it has at least five players that are currently playing.

A program partner receives up to 2.5% commission for all invited referrals from their net profit turnover at the end of each month. The company revises and clarifies payments on a monthly basis and actively monitors players.

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Agreement Regarding the Program

Since Six6s’ affiliate program just began, registrations for this program will only be accepted after July 31, 2024. In addition, the following guidelines have been established by the company for this initiative:

  • Affiliates must join Six6s’s exclusive Telegram channel to be considered for participation;
  • There is no maximum number of referrals a partner can bring in;
  • The affiliate will get a 2.5% commission on every sales made by customers he sends their way;
  • Monthly calculations will be made for commission;
  • Every month, the company will check in on the recommendation network members to make sure everything is running well. If any problems are found, the referral program might be scrapped;
  • Commission bonuses will be credited to the will be credited to the account;
  • Bonus commissions are not replaced if lost.
Rules to follow when joining the Six6s referral program

Supplemental Conditions

If an affiliate account is suspected of being used for fraudulent purposes or is found to be in violation of Six6s’s terms and conditions, the affiliate’s commissions may be revoked. Six6s may refuse to work with any affiliate and may change, alter, or cancel any promotion or bonus at any moment.

Six6s also has additional conditions for the full functioning of the affiliate program, which are mandatory

What is the minimum number of new users an affiliate should acquire and under what conditions?

After joining the program, each new affiliate has one calendar month to recruit at least 25 new users before their participation is considered complete.

What will happen to a partner that doesn’t receive their 25 new users by the deadline and hence fails to achieve the minimum criteria of the program?

In these circumstances, the affiliate will not be eligible to collect commissions until the conditions of the agreement have been satisfied (minimum of 5 sub-affiliates or minimum of 25 active players per month, for example).

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