Terms and Conditions

The information and instructions contained in the accompanying document will assist you in optimizing the Six6s site. Players should read the company’s policy guidelines on the website and understand the penalties for breaching it.

Six6s company policy

Six6s’ main terms

Players who use this BD website agree to follow all the regulations in this document and any subsequent changes. If the user does not agree to these regulations, he or she should not use the company’s website or any of its services.

Restricted areas

By accepting these terms and conditions, the user confirms that he is not in the US, France, the Netherlands, Albania, Pakistan, Panama, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe, or any other prohibited territories where gambling is prohibited under Curaçao licenses.

The user’s tasks

When a user opens an account, the company carefully examines the data, so it may deny registration without explanation. Registering on Six6s requires:

  • Learn the rules. Bengali players must read the terms and conditions in this document and any other company papers explaining policies or other relevant features and regulations before utilizing the company’s products and facilities;
  • Provide accurate data. Users must submit accurate and honest information on the registration form and any corporate demands;
  • Create one account. The company monitors for duplication and blocks accounts with multiple registrations or similar transactions;
  • Provide KYCs. Players must be verified and produce documentation at the company’s request to get prizes and bonus money;
  • Keep passwords private. Bangladeshi gamers are accountable for their login/password to the company’s website and must notify support promptly if their account is compromised;
  • Avoid sharing data. Players cannot provide other parties, including friends/relatives, access to their accounts or take screenshots containing personal information and post them.

Account of user

By using Six6s’ services the registered user agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • The user commits not to sell or transfer their account;
  • The user may request account closure at any time;
  • The company may cancel a user’s account for breaking the rules or suspected of doing so;
  • The company may remove incorrect player credits and questionable third-party credits.

Asset deposits

The company follows anti-money laundering laws and monitors all user transactions and payments. When transmitting real money, users must follow these rules:

  • The player must use one payment method or bank card to deposit;
  • Registration deposits are made in the player’s selected currency, while third-party currencies are immediately changed at the company’s exchange rate;
  • Player-paid third-party service costs, including bank charges, are non-refundable;
  • Company is not liable for third-party payment system and organization deposit cancellations;
  • Players agree to all limits and regulations by depositing and accepting the bonus terms and conditions;
  • User accounts cannot include illicit or third-party cash or be used to pay for corporate services;
  • Users must follow their local laws and utilize the company’s services legitimately.


The player will need to supply personal information and complete KYC before withdrawing. Users agree to the following withdrawal rules by using the company’s services and agreements.

  • If money are wagered properly, withdrawals are commission-free. Otherwise, withdrawal fees are up to 8%;
  • The company may request further identification or a video call during withdrawals. If a player changes their withdrawal or deposit method, the company may hold the transaction for verification.

Having trouble logging in to withdraw funds? Contact the company’s help service.