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KYC Policy of Six6s: Reasons for using the procedure by the company

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a necessary action on the Six6s website in order to access all the features and functions of the company. This process provides user data that confirms his identity and that he is a real person and not blacklisted.

This procedure allows the company to:

  • Identify and prevent fraudulent and illegal activities on the site in a timely manner;
  • Ensure compliance with the rules and requirements of the company itself and fulfill its legal obligations;
  • Limit the access of minors to play on the company’s site;
  • Strengthen the trust between the user and the company by fulfilling the obligation to keep personal data confidential and protected.
Six6s uses the KYC procedure

KYC Verification: General Provisions

The withdrawal function on the Six6s website requires mandatory identity verification. The deposit function will be available to users without KYC verification, but in this case, they will be able to deposit an amount not exceeding 2000 EUR. If a player wants to make a deposit for a larger amount, he also needs to provide the necessary documents for identity verification.

Required documents

To pass the KYC procedure, the user must provide the following information and documents:

“Temporarily Approved” status

Once you confirm that you have submitted all the required information, your application will be accepted and reviewed within 24 hours. During this time, the account will be assigned the status “Temporarily Approved”. In this status, the user can fund their gaming account with an amount not exceeding 500 EUR and bet and play any games at Six6s casino.

Consideration of the request

Within 24 days of the KYC approval, the user will receive an email with the results of the KYC process. The user may receive several response options from the Six6s team:

KYC Procedure: Clarifications on the documents to be submitted

In order to fulfill all the prerequisites correctly and get the “Approved” status, you need to know some nuances about the documents you submit:

Security measures

There are also some additional security checks for transactions made on the site: