About Six6s Privacy Policy

Users of the services provided by Six6s can consult the website’s Privacy Policy for direction on how to address any concerns that may crop up as a result of their involvement in the activities provided by the website.

Information about Six6s privacy policy

Conformity to Corporate Policy

When you sign up for an account at the casino and start using the games, it shows that you have familiarized yourself with the casino’s official documentation and agreed to abide by all of the terms and conditions. Always read through every paper in great detail. It is strongly recommended that you do not join up for Six6s BD if you do not agree with any of the concepts.

Main General Rules

These terms and conditions include the information included above. It specifies the parameters under which Six6s collects and uses player data. During your time using the Six6s-branded services, company will follow all of the guidelines outlined here and take all necessary precautions to protect and secure your personalize info.

This agreement details how the company stores, processes, and utilizes information from users who conduct company on the Six6s website, as the company is committed to protecting the security and privacy of its customers’ personal data. This covers the fundamental rules that the company adheres to:

  • The user has the right to discontinue use of the site at any time, however company may be compelled by law to retain some of your personal data;
  • In addition, users acknowledge that creating an account on the site, placing bets, or transferring funds constitutes your full and unconditional acceptance of the current terms and conditions and privacy policy;
  • The company reserves the right to update this privacy notice at any time and will notify users of any changes by posting the modified terms and conditions on all branded platforms;
  • If a user does not agree with any of the statements in this policy on privacy, the company strongly advises them not to use the site.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Six6s processes personal data, please contact the data protection officer at [email protected].

The Data Collected by a Company

Six6s users automatically give the company with some personal information necessary for the platform’s functioning and other purposes whenever they visit the site or access the Six6s casino. Except as may be required by law or as otherwise provided for in this Agreement, the Company will keep all such information strictly secret. The company also uses the following sets of labels to organize the data it gathers.

Individually identifiable information

The user provides this information when creating an account, placing bets, and utilizing the site’s services. This information is required to provide users with access to specific areas and services on the website. The data includes:

  • User Identifier;
  • Initials and surname;
  • Mailing address;
  • Address for living;
  • Telephone number;
  • Address for billing;
  • Documents proving identity;
  • Address confirmation documentation;
  • History of transactions;
  • Website utilization preferences;
  • Any additional information you provide when you use the platforms;
  • Credit/debit card information or other payment details.

This information is required for invoicing purposes and for age verification purposes. The user can modify and amend this information at any time by contacting Six6s’s support service. This information is strictly for company use and is never shared with outside parties.

Telephone contact and social correspondence

When a user contacts Six6s for assistance, the chat may be recorded and stored for use within the company, as well as for the purposes of staff training and employee safety, and to resolve any concerns that are related to the service. If a user decides to participate in social activities provided by Six6s products (such as Whatsapp talks, Telegram discussions, or a website forum), the company may opt to keep recordings of these interactions or analyze this data in other ways.

Non-identifiable data and traffic analysis

Six6s is dedicated to providing its users with a website that is as intuitive and simple to use as is technically possible on the internet. Six6s is able to gather information regarding a user’s activity on the site, however this data does not allow us to identify any particular user. When a user interacts with the services provided by the company, the servers keep a unique activity log that records administrative and traffic data. This data includes the source’s IP address, the access time and date, the web page that was visited, the language that was used, software problem reports, and the type of browser that was used. This information is necessary to ensure and provide a service of a high quality on both the website.


Cookies are used on the Six6s website for the purpose of enhancing the user experience and improving the website’s overall performance. Cookies can be used to remember information such as the pages that a player has visited, the configuration of their browser, the language settings, and more. This allows the website to be customized to the player’s preferences. When you open the website’s homepage, cookies are sent to your personal computer. These cookies track all of the required information and personalize the website for you based on your preferences. This substantially simplifies the process of using the website.

How the company uses personal data

The ways in which a user’s personal information is utilized by the company can be broken down into the following categories:

  • In order to ensure that both the website run smoothly, as well as the delivery of the services;
  • To discover about the users’ identities, including their locations, ages, names, and whether or not they have opted to self-exclude;
  • To assist gamers with any concerns they may have regarding the service, whether those concerns be technical, financial, or otherwise;
  • To identify and stop any fraudulent or abusive behavior, as well as to guarantee that all users receive the same level of satisfaction from the service;
  • For use exclusively within the company’s internal operations, including research and the preparation of reports based on data analysis that does not include personally identifiable information;
  • To engage in monetary transactions, manage such transactions, and verify noted transactions;
  • To guarantee that all players play equitably and adhere to the principles of responsible gaming.

Users are free to prevent their browsers from automatically accepting cookies and from transmitting personal data if they want, but doing so may make some features of the site unavailable or slow down its performance.

Access privileges

Each user is responsible for the security of their own personal information when using the services provided by the company. Additionally, the user must abide by the rules and policies associated with this document. Moreover, users are entitled to:

  • The right to correct and update personal data, as well as all linked payment methods and other personal data. For any information that cannot be updated via your individual account, please contact [email protected];
  • The right to request a copy of your identity information held by a company. Users may request identity information only after the account holder has been thoroughly verified and no sooner than one month after the request;
  • The ability to expunge data and revoke all extant permissions. This privilege can be exercised at any time, particularly if there are legal grounds to do so.

Product and service provision

For the purposes of running its website normally, the company makes use of users’ personally identifying information. This includes enabling users to establish accounts, engage in betting and casino games, and obtain support help. When it is necessary for the company to do so in order to provide goods and services, it may disclose user information to third-party organizations. Additional details are available in the “Information Sharing” section of this website. The user always has the right to refuse to use the services and terminate their account if they do not want the information to be used in this manner. Additionally, the user always has the right to object to the information being used in this manner. In addition, in order to provide a level playing field and to comply with all applicable gaming legislation, Six6s:

  • Has the authority to utilize identity and/or address verification to validate user data in order to safeguard against fraudulent activity and encourage responsible gaming;
  • Six6s reserves the right to undertake security checks at any time to verify the registration data given, as well as the usage of services and financial transactions for potential breaches of terms and conditions and relevant laws.

Sharing of private information

The company may disclose personal user information in the following situations:

  • If the company must disclose or share personal information to comply with legal or regulatory requirements;
  • To implement or enforce the terms of this or other agreements;
  • If the company determines that the user has committed fraud or attempted to defraud the company or other users of the service in any way;
  • To safeguard the rights, property, and safety of the business, its users, and others;
  • If the user has given the company permission to do so.

Personal information that is gathered via the use of the services may be stored and processed in any nation in which the company, its partners, suppliers, or agents offer services under their respective brands. This is because the company may share the information with those countries. Users provide their agreement to the export of their data outside of their nation of residence when they use the services provided by the company.


Personal data is retained by the company for as long as it is necessary by law or for business purposes. When establishing how long we retain data, Six6s takes into account local laws, contractual commitments, and users’ expectations and requirements. Safety Six6s is dedicated to preserving your privacy and will do so in a variety of ways, both technologically and organizationally. These include, but are not limited to, the following measures that we will take:

  • Data encryption. The TLS protocol, which is the standard for the industry, is used to encrypt all of your sensitive and commercial data;
  • Entry restricted. Personal information is safeguarded, and only those workers who require access to it in order to carry out their jobs are permitted to view it;
  • Network security. As part of its multi-layered security system, the corporation uses network segmentation, firewalls, and intrusion protection to prevent unwanted users from accessing the network;
  • Secure data centers. Every server is housed in high-end data centers that are configured with comprehensive safeguards to protect against any kind of infiltration;
  • Safety monitoring. The security team conducts routine audits of the systems’ security as well as the event logs, notifications, and reports generated by those systems. After identifying any problems, the team takes corrective action.

When a user’s personal information is no longer required by the company, it is securely removed or destroyed.

Google Analytical Services

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., and it is utilized by the company as a whole. Google monitors and analyzes user activity on Six6s with the information that is shared between the two services. It’s possible that Google will put the data it collects to use in contextual and tailored advertising on its own ad network.

Promotional Attempts

The company will send users offers and promotions if they have given their consent for the company to send them marketing promotions by email, SMS, or online. If the user has provided their permission, the company will send them offers and promotions. The information that users supply will not be sold or distributed to other organizations, nor will the company disclose it for use in promotional activities of any kind. Users are free to alter their minds at any time regarding the marketing preferences they have provided, as well as to withdraw their consent at any time.

The Disclaimer

The company is unable to provide any kind of assurance that the website will function without problems or that any services provided will adequately protect the personal information of users. In addition, the firm does not accept responsibility for any indirect, consequential, or punitive damages that may be incurred as a result of the use or disclosure of personally identifiable information pertaining to a particular user.

Modifications to the Privacy Disclosure

This policy may be updated from time to time by the company, so we ask that you check back periodically for changes and adhere to the updated policy. If material changes are made to this privacy statement, the company will attempt to notify users via email, a website notice, or other agreed-upon channels. The company will not make material modifications to the privacy policy without the user’s express consent. If the user refuses to accept changes to the privacy policy or fails to otherwise concur with the company within a specified time period, the company may discontinue providing some or all of the products and/or services.